Judging Criteria and Scores

Judging Criteria

The competition closes at midnight May 1st, 2016 (AST). On May 13th, 2016  CANTO  will announce  the winners. Videos will be judged in terms of creativity, originality, message content and technical organization (sound and picture quality). The decisions of the judges will be final.

The competition winners will be announced on 13th May, 2016 and notified by e-mail and phone, as well as published on CANTO’s website.

Videos will be judged over a score of (90) points on the following criteria:

  • Creativity /Originality (30 pts): Entries must be the students’ own work, in the student’s own words, and may include personal experiences and thoughtful observations. Videos must reflect that the student has carefully examined and thought through the topic.
  • Message Content (40 pts):
  • Does the student apply/address the theme of  ‘Inspiring ICT Innovations: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through Sustainable Strategic Partnerships”?
  • Is the video relevant?
  • How compelling is the video?
  • Is the video presented in a logical sequence?
    • Technical  Organization (20 pts) :
    • How well is the video produced in regards to continuity, timing, camera operation, sound quality, editing and adherence to time limit of  3 minutes  or (180 seconds)
      • People’s Choice  – Most Likes (up to 10 points)
        • The 10 finalists’ videos will be posted on CANTO;’s Facebook Page. The videos will be ranked based on the number of ‘Likes’ and the corresponding points  will be added to the final Judges’ score  (see table below )
LIKES   (from  Most to  least ) Number Points Allotted
1 –  Most Likes  10
2  8
3  6