Regional e-Marketplace

CANTO, through the CTC Initiative, plans to launch and operate the very first fully functional Caribbean wide E-Marketplace with the first phase being that of a Government to Business (G2B) and a Business to Business (B2B) portal. Through our relationships with regional governments and partner firms within the Caribbean, we are scheduled to be operational by June of 2011.

Governments, businesses and the wider citizenry can come together in a virtual space to trade ideas, opportunities, goods and services through a Regional e-Marketplace championed by CANTO under CTC! The Marketplace will allow businesses greater regional visibility and will create a platform for governments to operate more efficiently. CANTO will be promoting to its members the great opportunities presented in the form of hosting, advertising and applicable subscription fees. The e-marketplace is scheduled to be launched  at next year’s (27th Annual) Regional Conference and Trade Exhibition.

As a key element of the success of Connect the Caribbean, the Regional E-marketplace initiative will help create the knowledge-based, telecommunications driven and internet savvy business environment needed for the Region to survive and thrive in the new millennium.

Businesses within the region will also be able find and locate other businesses in the Caribbean operating within the same industry, post business information, post new products and post advertisements for services needed.