Benefits to Partners

There are several benefits to partnership in the CTC initiative. Most importantly, firms and individuals that decide to join will be able to directly and meaningfully contribute to the further development of information and communications technology adoption and advancement of its usage in meaningful ways.

Demand for local services- The accelerated adoption and employment of ICTs by the grassroots, youth and communities will naturally translate to increased demand for mobile and broadband services, lowering the price of such services.

The development of a Regional e-Content and digital life culture, through the effort of CTC partners, will positively translate into increased traffic over local networks. High quality content on local networks will also result in increased demand-and potential traffic -originating from foreign networks (from Diaspora and other populations).

Corporate Social Responsibility- Involvement in projects such as the Community HUB is a positive avenue to satisfy Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements in a way which is directly beneficial to operators. Supporting the Regional HUB Project increases the business profile across the Region providing both commercial and political benefits.

Ability to develop HUB training programs and promote higher education-Local businesses will also have a heightened interest in such initiatives as they may also be able to influence curriculum and be the beneficiary of the program’s graduates. Based on the experience of the HUB model in the US, approximately 70% of Youth who attended classes over the course of a year, increased their in-school academic performance and expressed an increased desire to further their academic studies into the tertiary level.

Business Growth through the E-Marketplace- Marketplace will provide a common space where buyers, sellers, investors, venture capitalists and other stakeholders can post and exchange products and intellectual capital in real time, and where real opportunities for business growth can be obtained

Members will play a key role in the success of the marketplace, and gain first mover advantage by participating in the marketplace themselves, as anchor buyers. The Marketplace becomes a resource for Regional businesses to export their goods and services to markets worldwide. It will provide a global listing of trade events, Regional market research and practical tools to help local MSMEs with every step of the export / trading process.