Business of Content Conference

Location: Fort Young Hotel – Dominica
Duration: One evening and two full days [(3) Days]
Date: Jan 31st, 2011 – Feb 2nd, 2011.

In discussing the advancement of the Regional telecommunications agenda, many focus specifically on connectivity to the end user, or availability of end-user devices. The nature of the global landscape, however, demands a review of what is to be done after provision of computers and broadband access is achieved. Against the backdrop of the plethora of challenges to traditional sectors like agriculture, oil and gas, it has become necessary to strategically position the region’s abundance of creative capital to determine how indigenous content will be accessed, leveraged, monetised and sustained.
As the adage goes: “Content is King”. Noting that people actually pay for content and not for network, the ‘Business of Content Conference is a logical and timely follow-on to the CANTO “i-Create” Regional e-Content Competition. The Conference will quickly get down to the business of searching out the ‘here and now’ opportunities, as well as a framework for making Caribbean content available to consumers, globally and profitably.
The Summit is to be a gathering of key professionals, experts and public officials in the digital media, entertainment, telecommunication and ICT sectors, as well as businessmen and investors in the content trade. Through keynote expert presentations and discussion, the sessions will provide insightful analysis into the mobile and digital content markets and discuss opportunities and challenges for Caribbean players with a view toward the attainment of a sustainable Regional content industry.

• Venture Capital and Creative Financing – “Show me the Money!”
• Valuing Digital Content – “How much do I get for my Content?”
• Micropayment Systems, e-Signatures and Authentication – “Enabling Consumers to Pay”
• Intellectual Property Rights Awareness and Protection – “Keeping it Legal”
• The Digital Diaspora: “Awakening Our Hidden Potential Abroad”
• Real-Time Content – “The Apps Phenomenon”
• International Trade: Market Access – “Levelling the playing field: Fair Deals”
• Building Strong Caribbean Brands– “Using the Brand as a Strategic Advantage”
• Current Issues and Future Trends in the Regional and Global Space – Identification of Concrete Next Steps

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