Connect the Caribbean Progamme at CANTO 2011

‘Connect the Caribbean’ continues to be one of CANTOs most ambitious projects to date and is building momentum in the region and internationally. CANTO’s Connect the Caribbean Initiative has been created in support of the International Telecommunications Union’s Connect the World theme.

Whilst the Caribbean is part of the Americas region, CANTO members and regional leaders are determined that the Caribbean as a sub-region must achieve their collective ICT goals and not be lost in any initiatives for the wider Americas. Therefore Connect the Caribbean is seen as an important way of allowing the citizens and businesses of the region to be connected.

CANTO has focused on driving Regional e-Content, the Regional e-Market Place, Community and Social Investment Initiatives, Network Connectivity and Conferences to deliver a connected Caribbean. The CANTO Secretariat is exploring options for funding these initiatives through grants, sponsorships and partnerships. We are truly convinced that a public private people partnership approach is the best way to ensure that the use of ICT becomes pervasive in the Caribbean. We understand that it is not only about connecting the unconnected in the region by 2015; it is also about using the technology in all sectors of the society to deliver government services more efficiently and effectively. It is about making businesses more competitive to generate increased economic growth and improve the quality of life for all our citizens.

CANTO held three stakeholder sessions which included public and private sector stakeholders such as Governments, the ITU, CARICOM, CTU, UWI, operators, suppliers and ICT professionals and intends to collaborate with these stakeholders to ensure that by pooling individual efforts the synergies that exist in our different projects are achieved. At these sessions the total commitment of persons present was obtained with a resounding mandate for the Connect the Caribbean initiative to be launched.

Connect the Caribbean Progamme at CANTO 2011

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