Documents – CANTO 2013

30th Annual General Meeting

(26th -28th January 2014) Jamaica



An Overview of CANTO 

BIIPAC AGM Presentation
Chairman’s Remarks at the Opening Ceremony

Message from the Chairman 2014

Report of the Chairman 2013 and perspective for 2014

Strategic Alliances for Sustainable Broadband Development HMOS Speech 260114

30 AGM 2014 Secretariat Report Montego Bay Jamaica 2014




Marketing and Communications Committee Jan 2014

Report_Regulatory_Emerging_Tech_28th March 2014_MSC

Board Presentation Final JW copy

30 AGM 2014 Secretariat Report Montego Bay Jamaica CANTO – ANNUAL BUDGET 2014

CANTO – FAC Presentation

CANTO DRP Committee Board Presentation Jan 26 2014

CSR  Board Presentation Final

HR Committee Report

Walton Press presentation John

CANTO_Getting an EDGE on ICT projects in the Caribbean_20140128

 Technology Trends -CISCO

Mobile Financial Services- MoreMagic 

CQA and USF Overview

BIIPAC AGM Presentation


Survey Feedback – CANTO Reputation Julian Wilkins

30 AGM 2014 Secretariat Report Montego Bay Jamaica

CANTO _AGM_2014_Presentation_Americas Spectrum Issues_Impact

CANTO Presentation re IDB Spectrum Project



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CANTO 2013

ICE Mobile Presentations

Members’ Dinner Presentations

Monday July 15th

Track 1 Mobile Networks Broadband Capacity

Track 2 Migtating to the Cloud

 Track 3 Global Initiatives Caribbean Impact

Track 4 Smart Connectivity Smart Partnership

Track 5 Network Automation and Big Data